Matthieu Meynier is Cinematt Films. Equal parts journalist, filmmaker, and storyteller, it’s his vision that has brought so many couples to our studio.

Born in France, Matthieu grew up listening to his father’s radio talk show late into the night, riveted by his stories. Some were of far-off countries and unfamiliar cultures, others were local truckers, driven off course by storms reaching out for help on the airwaves.

Matthieu followed his ambitions to the US and received his degree in Journalism so that he could honor his father and tell the stories of others. Now he finds these defining, unscripted moments in his own career helping others share their journeys, chronicling more weddings in the last 17 years than he can count.

Matthieu currently shares his optimism and sense of humor with the love of his life Regina in San Francisco, CA - exploring the city on their Vespa, biking in the park, seeking new adventures, and cuddling on the couch, watching movies without any interruption. She balances his creative and impulsive behavior with her no-nonsense attitude and beautiful smile. They are still writing their story every day with Fredo, their adorable 6 years old maltipoo.